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Gozo Diving Experience

The Maltese islands and particular Gozo are ideal for scuba diving with the Mediterranean clear blue water a joy for divers from beginners to the more seasoned among you. There are plenty of reefs, caves and wrecks to explore in arguably the one of the best dive sites in Europe. The diving depths vary from a shallow 12 metres to dive points which reach down well over 50 metres .Our friends at http://www.divemalta-gozo.com/index.htm  the only British run dive school on Gozo can provide you with courses suitable from first timers to the more experienced diver. Please see below a list of dive sites in Gozo and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us here at gozovillarentals.com

The Blue Hole

Located on the west coast of Gozo at the inland sea in Dweja the blue hole which was once described by Jacque Cousteau as one of the best dives in Europe is arguably the most popular dive site in Gozo. The Blue Hole is 14 metres deep with an archway spanning 9 metres on one side giving access to the open sea and on the other side entrance into a very large cavern. Once in the cavern it offers amazing views back into the Blue Hole. You can also take several routes which include going under the spectacular Azure Window. There are often plenty of marine life to view including large octopuses and an abundance of scorpion fish. You can also view a coral cave and the Inland sea which can only be described as something similar to cave diving.

Cathedral Cave

Another great dive in Gozo is the cathedral cave located at the end of the Ghasri valley on the north coast of the island. The dive site can be accessed either by boat or from the shore. This location is well off the tourist trail and usually you will be the only ones there. The entrance to the cave is huge starting from 7 metres deep, a very large archway leads the way in, once in the cave after surfacing you find yourself in the cave with a large natural dome and the light from the entrance makes for the most spectacular blue effect on the water

Reqqa Point

Located close to Marsalforn Reqqa Point can be very deep and some points can reach 60 metres plus but it can be dived at 18 metres. You can either take a big jump in or a longer walk where you can make a small jump for entry, there is a chimney which starts at 6 metres and drops to 16 metres where you can often see star corals, scorpion fish and cardinal fish. Sometimes you can see bait balls of silversides which are being hunted by barracudas, tuna or jacks and it is quite easy to forget you are in the Mediterranean and it is more akin to a Natural Geographic film

Shrimps Cave

Very close to Reqqa Point is the Shrimps Cave and entry is found at around 34 metres , soon as you go in you will see a large peg that divers have used to tie off on, the entrance soon comes to an end and the cave is actually positioned above you. As you ascend at around 26 metres the water gets noticeably warmer, here you will find very strange rock formations inside with lots of prawns rushing around trying to escape from your torch light.

Billnghurst Cave

The cave is very close to Reqqa Point and the Shrimps Cave and at 70 metres long is the longest cave on Malta and Gozo. The cave feels like a large railway tunnel that goes from 24 metres deep and goes straight back rising slowly. In the cave you will find some prawns, star coral, spirastrella, bath and branch sponges. There is not a lot of marine life in the cave but the views of the intense blue on exit makes it all the worthwhile doing this dive

Double Arch Reef

Located near to the salt pans of Marsalforn and best as a boat dive is the Double Arch Reef with two archways with the deepest being at 38 metres and the top at close to 20 metres. The marine life here is excellent where you can see large shoals of barracuda with a lively reef

Mgarr ix-xini

Located on the south of the island Mgarr ix-xini is a great place for all the family to be weather its diving or snorkelling there is plenty of marine life activity and whilst snorkelling you can possibly spot moray eels and octopuses. There is two caverns for divers to explore and you can often see flying gurnard, scorpion fish, weaver fish and red mullets as well as eels and octopuses

Xlendi Cave

Situated on the south of the island is the resort of Xlendi and Xlendi Cave is more like a tunnel which isn’t that deep and makes for a great second dive at only 10 metres. The tunnel its self is very beautiful and there is a crack in the ceiling which mixed with the light from the exit provides a very intense blue light. You can often see shoals of barracudas and jack fish here

Comino Caves

Located off the island of Comino which is between the Gozo and Malta channel Comino Caves is a great boat dive which is often referred to as the Santa Marja Caves. It has a cavern network very much like Swiss Cheese and is also the location for dive centres to feed the fish so you can become part of a large bait ball for the greedy bream. One of the caverns here was used in the recent remake of the Count of Monte Cristo where the treasure is buried

The Three Wrecks

The three wrecks are located at Xatt l’ Ahmar which is just west of the harbour in Mgarr and below Fort Chambray. In 1999 the former Gozo to Malta Ferry MV Xlendi was scuttled off the bay and at 28 metres below, the MV Xlendi is upside down and the wreck can be explored but only for the experienced divers. The MV Karwela and MV Cominoland were sunk here in August 2006 and these wrecks have attracted plenty of fish and other marine life